Instructional Designers and the Art of Wearing Hats

I explained why I felt a need to develop ‘Lakeside Insight’ here…which was in no small part influenced by a need for information that would be helpful for a staff development professional or instructional designer who came by the job through a back door and may be wearing many hats.  I needed the information and assumed that if I was seeking ways to become a more qualified and competent instructional designer for a job I was already knee deep in and didn’t have time to get yet another degree, thank you very much…someone else might be looking too.

As a first attempt to identify what types of hats someone in a similar role might be wearing, I did a google search and landed on an article that summarized the idea beautifully.  In an article written by Justin Ferriman, nine essential skills for instructional designers are spelled out.  They might surprise you.  Whether you came by the role through a degree or it landed in your lap like it did for me, more and more instructional designers are wearing multiple hats.

Click on the picture below to read the full article on LearnDash’s blog:



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