About Lakeside Insight


I came into e-learning and instructional design through a back door.  After years of training and facilitating, I was ready for a new challenge.  It took the shape of developing some e-learning courses for use in a learning management system. This was my first experience in instructional design for e-learning…so I asked a lot of questions; read a lot of material; practiced; messed up; practiced some more; identified what resources I had; and juggled content development while managing administrative responsibilities, a learning management system, and the staff development needs for our agency.  I learned what ‘authoring tools’ were and which ones might be useful to me based on my knowledge and budget.   I discovered what a ‘SCORM’ file was and why it was helpful to my development needs.  I heard terms like ‘subject matter expert’ and I found that there were smarter ways to work with them.

Sound familiar?  Do you wear many hats?  I found a lot of information available for professionally trained graphic designers and instructional designers, but less information on how to juggle multiple roles for my small staff development office without compromising the quality of our training program.  Basically, I needed the nuts and bolts of a variety of different topics: instructional design, course analytics, training plan development, LMS administration, authoring tools, etc.  This blog is my attempt to offer a one-stop-shop for the all-in-one staff development professional who came into that capacity through a back door.

Oh…and why ‘Lakeside Insight”?  Well, I believe in visualizing a goal.  I have always wanted to live on a lake and I can’t think of a more glamorous career than developing e-learning while facing a big, beautiful body of water.  I am not there, but I think the name is catchy and it is self affirming for where I would love to be.


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